Datasaur APIs

Datasaur supports importing from and exporting to Webhooks. We also support fully programmatic project creation and export, and we will discuss how to do so in the following pages. Some notes before we begin:

How to Call the API in a Nutshell

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    Determine the query or mutation that you want to run. The list of APIs __ along with the input parameters and the result structure could be found here. Or try the action that you want on the app and see the which API requests are done from the Network tab on the browser developer tools.
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    Make a POST HTTP call to
    • Add header Authorization: Bearer <access token>
    • Add header Content-Type: application/json
    • Add the whole query or mutation and its variables as the body
Specific for project creation, we create a Python script example.
We also have some other Python example on this repository. You can follow the steps in the readme. 💡 Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for further API questions.
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