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Check Job

Not all our APIs are synchronous, usually a potentially long running process will be handled by a job. To check whether job is finished or to get any other information, use this query.
  • Query: getJob
  • Input: $jobId: string
  • Response: Job

Example Request via cURL

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <access_token>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{"operationName":"AutoLabelTokenBasedProjectMutation","variables":{"input":{"labelerEmail":"[email protected]","options":{"numberOfFilesPerRequest":0,"serviceProvider":"CUSTOM"},"projectId":"HvdyIL2iwZn","targetAPI":{"endpoint":"","secretKey":"secret"}}},"query":"mutation AutoLabelTokenBasedProjectMutation($input: AutoLabelTokenBasedProjectInput!) { result: autoLabelTokenBasedProject(input: $input) { id status progress }}"}'
Below is the more readable version of request body from cURL command above.
"operationName": "GetJobQuery",
"variables": {
"jobId": "AutoLabelQueue:dcbf6ed3-3841-46c1-8f6a-2affb53ac637"
"query": "query GetJobQuery($jobId: String!) { result: getJob(jobId: $jobId) { id status progress }}"
  • operationName: you can fill any alphanumeric string in as the operationName. GetJobQuery is fine as a default. Refer this page to organize operationName properly.
  • query: Copy it from cURL example.

Example Response

Here is the response when you execute the cURL command above.
"data": {
"result": {
"id": "AutoLabelQueue:dcbf6ed3-3841-46c1-8f6a-2affb53ac637",
"status": "DELIVERED",
"progress": 0
"extensions": {}
If the status is already DELIVERED, then the job is finished.
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