Export Project

Available Formats

The available formats depend on the task types, as described in the table below. Click on any format to see a detailed explanation of the file structure Datasaur expects.
Task Type
Export Formats
Token-based with arrows
Token-based with character-based labeling
​.csv, .tsv, .xlsx, .json_tabular​
​.csv, .tsv, .xlsx​

How to Export the Project

Projects can be exported by clicking on the File menu**.** There are two options: Export and Export All Files.
  • Export will export the file that is currently open by providing the file/document ID.
  • Export All Files will export all the files in a project by providing the project ID. For projects with multiple assignees, each of their labeled versions will be exported as separate files. The output is in a .zip folder that contain three folders:
    • DOCUMENT-Labeler-name is a folder containing the version of the file as labeled by Labeler
    • REVIEW is a folder containing the final copy of all labels, including Datasaur auto-accepted labels and Reviewer applied labels
    • ROOT is a folder containing only the original raw text, no labels no edits

Export Methods

When exporting a file, there are multiple options you can choose.


  • Download is the simplest method. If you choose this method, your project will be downloaded automatically to your computer.


  • If you choose this method, you can export the file directly to a URL of your choice.
  • For full explanation about this method, you can view this page.
  • Note: the link will expire in 6 hours.


  • If you choose this method, you will receive an email containing the download link. This can be most helpful for large projects that need to export in the background while you continue on to your next labeling project.
  • Note: the link will expire in 6 hours.

File Storage

  • If you choose this method, you will receive the download link. This link can used for downloading the file. You can download the file after Datasaur finishes generating the file. Keep in mind that it may need time for generating the file if your project is large enough
  • Note: the link will expire in 6 hours and the link will return the file when the file is ready and will return the following error **if the file is not ready yet: "**The specified key does not exist".

External File Storage (AWS S3 Bucket)

  • If you choose this method, Datasaur will upload the file to your owned S3 bucket.
  • You will need to provide us with the AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Access Key that have the putObject permission to the specified S3 Bucket.
  • Note: Datasaur does not store your credentials. It will be only used once to put the files to the S3 bucket.
πŸ’‘ For team projects, we recommend you to use Webhook and Email for exporting, as reviews and conflict resolutions may take some time.


Export Multiple Projects from Project Dashboard

You will be able to export multiple projects of the same project setting by clicking the corresponding checkboxes in the project list.
By clicking the Export button, you can choose the desired project format and the method. The output will be in .zip format.
πŸ’‘ We recommend you to export up to a maximum of 10 projects at once for performance reasons.