Overview Page
This page contains all analytics metric that is available.
Team administrators aim to maintain their projects and team member. The monitoring process can be assisted by using the overview page. This page contains several metrics.
Overview page

Overall projects

The metric shows the portion of every project status in a certain duration of time. It is useful to see the number of projects for each status.

Project over time

The metric shows the progress status changes from one status to the other in a date range. It is useful to see the completion velocity for each project.

Label applied

The metric shows how much work has been done by the labeler. It can be used as performance metrics for the labeler team.

Quality trends

The metric shows team accuracy over time. We use IAA as a quality measurement for each completed project.

Total conflicts

The metric shows which project where labelers have disagreed. It's useful for a reviewer to see how much work left for them.

Conflicts resolved by reviewer

The metric shows the progress that is made by the reviewer to solve the conflicts. It's useful to measure the reviewer team performance.

Project count

The metric shows total projects labelers have completed.

Project duration

The metric shows effective time spent per project. This can help admins to see how long a specific project will take.

Effective time spent

This metric shows active duration labeler open the workspace - even though they don't do the labeling. If labelers away or open another tab in their browsers, this will not be recorded.

Average time spent per row

This metric shows time spent (labeler vs reviewer) per line in a project.
You can download each data, and filter the data by date or range of time based on your needs and preferences.
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