Webhook Notifications

Receive notifications with webhooks

Datasaur provides webhooks to notify your application when an event happens in your labeling projects. Webhook are useful for automation in your Machine Learning project. For example, you can use webhooks to feed the data directly into your model right after labelers finish their projects.
Begin using webhooks with Datasaur integration in just two steps:
  1. 1.
    Create a webhook endpoint on your server
  2. 2.
    Register the endpoint with Datasaur. For this you will need to contact [email protected]

What is a webhook?

From wikipedia, webhooks are "user defined HTTP callbacks." Basically it is a HTTP endpoint that will be called by Datasaur whenever a certain event happens. So if your application written in Node.js, PHP, Go, Ruby, it does not matter as long you provide a webhook endpoint.
Datasaur provides a number of events that you can leverage.
  • Project Completed
    • This event will be triggered when Labeler toggles the project as completed in Labeler Mode.
  • Project Reviewer
    • This event will be triggered when Reviewer toggles the project as completed in Reviewer Mode.